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Network hashrate reached 200 EH / s

Computing activity on the bitcoin network has broken all previous records this week. The hashrate, according to the analytical platform Glassnode, has reached 200 exaches per second (EH / s). This is a new historical maximum, experts said. Over the past nine months, the…

The Fed began to change the attitude towards bitcoin

The head of the Federal Reserve System Jerome Powell has previously criticized bitcoin on several occasions. According to him, cryptocurrency is used mainly by criminals. A similar point of view is shared by many representatives of the Federal Reserve Banks that are part…

Binance Coin lost more than 6% in price after liquidation of another batch of tokens

Over the past 24 hours, Binance Coin (BNB) has lost about 6.25% to $ 515. BNB’s capitalization fell to $ 79.1 billion after the largest quarterly token burn. The Binance exchange on Friday, April 16, liquidated more than 1 million coins for a total of up to $ 595…


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Experts assessed the impact of possible sanctions on transactions with ruble bonds

MOSCOW, April 17 – PRIME. A possible US ban on its banks on transactions with ruble bonds of Russian state banks in the secondary market will not affect the domestic debt market in any way, new sanctions should not be expected in the near future, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti say. Political scientists have named the purpose of US…

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Pro Vsa EA - ProforexEA.

Making money on trading today is becoming quite realistic. And it is not necessary to finish special training courses and attend endless seminars, where supposedly successful brokers introduce “smart” schemes to the masses to gain income with minimal investment. Many people have already managed to make sure that losing money on Forex is a common thing, which happens quite…
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GBP / USD Forecast for April 16, 2021

Greetings. I am the administrator of the Profitov.Net Portal. I have created and continue to develop this site as a place where everyone interested in making money in the financial markets can get up-to-date information about trading strategies, indicators, ways of making…
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Simple guidelines for entering and exiting the market for novice traders. (analysis of forex transactions). Currency pairs EURUSD

Buy and sell levels of EURUSD on April 16. Analysis of deals Analysis of deals Low volatility before the release of important fundamental data on the US economy continued after the reports: all this led to the pair hanging in a narrow sideways channel. The signals that were formed throughout the day did not bring the expected profit, although there were all the prerequisites for the active…
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74% of professional investors consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be a bubble.

The fact that the popularity of bitcoin is growing both among ordinary people and among investors cannot be denied. But as many studies say, most investors are still not ready to deal with Bitcoin. For example, a Bank of America poll of 200 professional investors who manage more than $ 500 billion showed that about 74% consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be a regular financial bubble.
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GBP / USD. April 16. COT report. The Briton spends the third day in the side corridor

GBP / USD – 1H. Good afternoon, dear traders! On the hourly chart, the GBP / USD pair yesterday continued to move between the correction levels of 50.0% – 1.3793 and 61.8% – 1.3764. Only tonight the closing was performed below the level of 61.8%, which allows traders to count on the resumption of the fall in quotations in the direction of 76.4% – 1.3728. However, this…
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