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Day: August 4, 2022

Jimdandy Trade Management ToolTrading Robots

Jimdandy Trade Management Tool

This tool is designed for two purposes. It allows you to open real trades on a real chart. It allows
Economic MarkersTrading Robots

Economic Markers

Easily get all relevant economic events of the current day right into your chart, as markers. Filter what kind of
Sparta FreeTrading Robots

Sparta Free

Easy start: Everything is already set up. The minimum deposit is $ 100. Quick result. User-friendly interface. Easy start: Everything
Falcon Scalper ProTrading Robots

Falcon Scalper Pro

Falcon Scalper Pro is a trading robot for the trading on forex. This is a Trend Following system that trades in

Bar Mode

Bar Mode is an automated system that uses bar opening and closings to consider opening or closing trades. It uses
SSA Trend PredictorTrading Robots

SSA Trend Predictor

The indicator selects a trend from a sequence of prices and builds its forecast. Based on the modern methodSingular Value
MT5 Money ManagerTrading Robots

MT5 Money Manager

Money Manager instantly and accurately calculates the correct volume for each trading operation. It makes calculations based on the account
PZ Market Depth MT5Trading Robots

PZ Market Depth MT5

Do you like scalping? The PZ Market Depth MT5 indicator displays information about the latest quotes received from the broker.
CAP Random Trader EA MT5Trading Robots

CAP Random Trader EA MT5

The CAP Random Trader EA trades in a completely random fashion with customizable lotsize, stop-loss and take-profit levels. Contents 1 Key Advantages
Forex Line AlertTrading Robots

Forex Line Alert

The indicator generates an alert (visual, Push notification, sound alert) when the price crosses a horizontal line or trend line.

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