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Day: September 2, 2022

CandleNumberIndiTrading Robots


A simple indicator that signals the appearance of n candles. The signal appears when the nthnumber of candles is formed
My Big Bars MT5Trading Robots

My Big Bars MT5

The My Big Bars indicator shows the bars (candlesticks)of the higher timeframe. That is, if a chart with a timeframe
TradeAssistantFree For MT5Trading Robots

TradeAssistantFree For MT5

  My trading assistant is a “small and convenient” trading panel, which is characterized by simple steps and quick operation,
Close All Positions MT5Trading Robots

Close All Positions MT5

Push-button panel for simultaneous closing of a large number of positions. There are only four closing options: Related posts: Permanent
Can the crowd be smart?│PollTrading cryptocourrency

Can the crowd be smart?│Poll

Can the crowd be smart?│Poll Total voted: fifteen Can the crowd be smart? After all, it always gets new and
Volume By Color RSJTrading Robots

Volume By Color RSJ

This simple indicator paints with a darker color on the volume bar when the quantity traded is above the average
Break Even LineTrading Robots

Break Even Line

BreakEven Line is a very useful and easy to use indicator. In case of multiple positions opened on the same
Tops and Bottoms IndicatorTrading Robots

Tops and Bottoms Indicator

Contents 1 Tops abd Bottoms: An effective indicator for your trades 2 Tops abd Bottoms: An effective indicator for your

Countdown timer for Tick and Volume charts

A countdown timer for the Volume bar chart generator and Tick chart generator products, which are available for download from the MQL5 Market: Tick
My results for AugustForex guide

My results for August

Let’s start with a traditional table By tradition, we will also give a table without 3 days (February 22, 24

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