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Day: October 3, 2022

MACD candles bars or linesTrading Robots

MACD candles bars or lines

An ordinary MACD indicator, displayed in the main window, according to the selected chart style, Bars, Candlesticks or Line. When
LuckyTrend EATrading Robots

LuckyTrend EA

LuckyTrend is a fully automatic expert Advisor designed for the Forex market. It is not a scalper and does not
How to monitor the infrastructure of a business in a large area?Bitcoin

How to monitor the infrastructure of a business in a large area?

Photo: A1 company archive Company A1 used an unmanned helicopter for the first time to monitor its base station remotely.
Order Symbols Based On Indicator Value plus AlertTrading Robots

Order Symbols Based On Indicator Value plus Alert

Allows you to trade symbols/pairs based on the configured indicator. The most optimal pairs are indicated at the beginning of
BearBullBalanceTrading Robots


The indicator displays the number and ratio of price rise and fall ticks for each candle on the chart. The
Exchange rates on – PROBUSINESS.IOBitcoin

Exchange rates on – PROBUSINESS.IO

The daily exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble against the US dollar, euro, Russian ruble and Chinese yuan, as well
TSO Top Bottom Divergence MomentumTrading Robots

TSO Top Bottom Divergence Momentum

The indicator combines the “Double Bottom” and “Double Top” reversal patterns with the indicator for determining the discrepancy between the
Standard Pivot Point PlotterTrading Robots

Standard Pivot Point Plotter

The product displays DAILY reference points and is useful for DAY TRADERS who trade on intraday timeframes (M1, M5, M15,
Moneystrategy EATrading Robots

Moneystrategy EA

The Expert Advisor works directly with the price and does not use technical indicators. All calculations are performed using historical
On Balance Volume TrendlineTrading Robots

On Balance Volume Trendline

The indicator automatically places trend lines at really important levels on the chart. You can customize the timeframe, color, and

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