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Day: October 15, 2022

Gold H1Trading Robots

Gold H1

Gold H1 is an Expert Advisor based on some standard indicators and simple inputs. it can be used on all pairs
Starlink EATrading Robots

Starlink EA

 Starlink EA  is a multi-functional expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 terminals. The algorithm of the expert advisor allows you to
KTrade Data Statistics 5 CNTrading Robots

KTrade Data Statistics 5 CN

Indicators are professional data statistics, position orders, historical order analysis->>>>>> English version please move> Necessary for traders: tools and indicators
Support and resistance levelsTrading Robots

Support and resistance levels

Download the Support and resistance indicator (Support and resistance) Indicator Settings: Trends-Setting the mode for displaying trend or horizontal support
Equity monitorTrading Robots

Equity monitor

Equity monitor This is a simple means change informer. I wrote it for myself, maybe someone will need it… 1.
Martingale ClassicTrading Robots

Martingale Classic

Martingale Vortex-classic trading using the martingale principle, supplemented by the ability to influence the main parameters depending on the depth.
Painel de Topos e Fundos HistoricosTrading Robots

Painel de Topos e Fundos Historicos

PANEL OF TOPOS AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUNDS   This is a panel that does not open orders only manages all Symbols

Semi Sweet

The Expert Advisor conducts trading, where the signal for opening a new order or restoring order is an indicator strategy
Rubber tapeTrading Robots

Rubber tape

The Rubber tape indicator combines a trend indicator and an oscillator. The calculation uses the values of the Moving Average
ForexGumpUltraTrading Robots


ForexGumpUltra is a new, more advanced indicator of the ForexGump line. This indicator is easy to use copes with determining

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