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A new version of the 0x protocol has been released. What changed?

The developers of the Ethereum 0x decentralized exchange protocol have presented its fourth version. The changes include reduced gas costs and new possibilities for combining different platforms.

On January 23rd, the 0x community overwhelmingly approved the upgrade to v4. 2,362 unique ZRX holders took part in the voting. It became the largest in terms of the number of native tokens involved (11.6 million).

The project team has promised to cut transaction fees by 70% when requesting quotes and 10% when placing limit orders.

The new version of the protocol will reduce user costs when using liquidity with Uniswap and SushiSwap compared to trading directly on these DEXs.

v4 includes an intelligent order routing algorithm. It allows you to provide liquidity to a pool with any arbitrary token, exchange liquidity pool tokens or collateral on Compound or Aave landing platforms in a second.

0x got the function “plug & play liquidity “. The protocol will allow custom liquidity pools to be added through a standard interface before aggregating with other sources. This feature will presumably be appreciated by market makers and DEX creators working on the new generation AMM model.

Thanks to the new architecture and management process, the next 0x updates will go faster. The developers will present new proposals (ZEIP) in the coming months, which will be put to a vote.

Earlier, the Kyber Network team announced the transformation of DEX into “a hub of targeted liquidity protocols for a variety of DeFi use cases.”

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