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A resident of Khakassia sent over 500,000 rubles to a crypto scammer

Amid the ongoing rally in the cryptocurrency market, more and more Russians want to buy bitcoin or other coins. At the same time, the scale of crypto scams is growing in our country. Scammers use various schemes to deceive a person and deceive all the money from him under the pretext of investing in digital assets. For some reason, Russians still believe that it is possible to buy BTC only with someone’s help, so they are easily “bred” by scammers. It became known this week that the next victim of the criminals was a man living in Khakassia. He turned to the police and said that an unknown person had stolen more than 500,000 rubles from him. In December last year, the Russian wanted to start trading and began to consider options for buying digital currency. He registered on one of the platforms. After that, a fraudster contacted him and introduced himself as a financial analyst. The swindler persuaded the man to install a special program on his phone supposedly for crypto trading. After that, the offender said that it was necessary to replenish the account in the wallet. The Russian believed him and transferred the money to his wallet. However, the victim could no longer return them, because the “analyst” suddenly disappeared. As a result, the victim turned to law enforcement officers for help, who opened a criminal case.

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