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A selection of books about communication with customers and employees


Crisis times increase not only risks in business, but also increase the number of conflict situations within the team, in relations with partners. Therefore, when working on a new business strategy, it is important to build clear business communication rules: the right line of conduct with clients, partners and colleagues will allow you to get through any storms with minimal losses.

Literary and film critic Timur Vychuzhanin has collected top business bestsellers on the MTS Books service, which will help turn client comments into a resource for improving business processes, tell you how to develop an effective position of active listening, and also polish your business correspondence skills to perfection.

“Hushing up contradictions is a direct path to failure”

Sometimes disagreements in the company accumulate for years and constantly interfere with work. And then the clash of interests becomes inevitable. To continue to gloss over contradictions is a direct path to failure. The conflict in this case, on the contrary, will help to resolve the problem situation and avoid its recurrence.

It was about such a strategy for conducting both business and personal affairs that he wrote a book “Find the way out. How to maintain composure and get out of an impasse managerial psychologist George Colriser.

The author really has a great understanding of conflicts: he worked as a psychologist in the police and participated in negotiations with hostage-takers.

His area of ​​interest is dealing with manifestations of aggression, negotiations with terrorists and crisis management. George Colrieser developed his theory when he was with the military and humanitarian organizations in troubled spots, collaborated with police departments and police academies in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, France and India.

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His new book talks about seemingly simple principles in both building a business and personal life: a dialogue based on reciprocity, a comprehensive study of the problem, determining its essence, and so on. However, the author offers the reader a very non-trivial idea: in difficult situations, including during conflicts in a team, it is much easier for people to take the position of a hostage-victim, because this seems to be the safest strategy.

In fact, the choice of the position of the victim leads to the fact that both sides not only do not achieve a solution to the problem, but also create new contradictions.

Therefore, in case of conflicts in the business environment, it is important to take an active position and seek dialogue, which makes it possible to find a solution that is beneficial for everyone.

“People did not voice what they really want, but tried to guess what they want to hear from them”

The book tells how extended professional conversations help businesses overcome the most difficult problems. “Quiet! The client says: how in-depth interviews help solve business problems. Its author, Oleg Chulygin, is an analyst, marketer, and in-depth interviewer who has been helping businesses succeed for more than a decade through a clear understanding of what their customers want.

Very often, even the largest companies fail because they have a poor idea of ​​what the end users of the product want.

Approximately the following contradiction occurs: marketers and analysts collect data from a certain average focus group, create a product taking into account these facts, but they do not buy the product. The problem is that people did not voice what they really want, but tried to guess what they want to hear from them.

At first glance, the secret seems very simple: all you need is to listen carefully. However, things are a little more complicated.

The in-depth interview method is aimed not only at listening, but also at “forcing” the interlocutor to answer sincerely.

This is a whole strategy that allows the interviewer to become for the interlocutor someone who can be trusted and, more importantly, who can not be answered with pre-prepared template phrases. An interview built according to the scheme of Oleg Chulygin will allow not only to understand your client, to win him over, but also to look at the world through his eyes and, finally, understand his true needs.

“Sometimes casual communication can be decisive in building a career”

In the book “The magic of communication – you can learn it!” the conversation is about a variety of methods of business communication. Its author, Nina Zvereva, is a teacher at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, a coach and a TV journalist twice awarded the Russian TEFI award. A variety of communication areas are collected under one cover, ranging from interviews or storytelling methods in advertising to everyday conversations.

History knows quite a few cases when seemingly meaningless conversations eventually became the starting point for successful startups.

Therefore, people who dream of a successful career should remember that sometimes casual communication can be decisive in their life. Investors should also look closely at any interlocutor, because in a clumsy student you can see the future creator of the largest social network. Nina Zvereva explains how to choose the right words and time for such a conversation.

“The magic of communication – you can learn it!” interesting not only in the theory of communication methods. The book contains various exercises, tests and assignments that will allow the reader, with due diligence, to develop their own communication skills.

“Employees often do not see the difference between formal and informal communication in correspondence”

Today, many issues related to business are resolved in social networks. The transition to the world of digital communication was significantly accelerated by the pandemic, due to which many businessmen had to go into self-isolation. But the remote format, as some studies show, often leads to a decrease in work efficiency. Not least due to the fact that employees often do not see the difference between formal and informal communication in email correspondence.

How to increase the effectiveness of working communication in the format of correspondence? Numerous answers to this question are given by Alexandra Karepina’s book Correspondence 2.0. How to resolve issues in chats, social networks and letters. It will help you respond to criticism correctly, conduct business correspondence, invite to events, avoid familiarity in communication, and also compose letters in such a way that their meaning is immediately clear to the addressee with clip thinking.

The author has developed a unique scheme of “pyramidal letters” for official correspondence.

The idea is to evenly distribute the idea of ​​a commercial offer throughout the text, but at the same time present the necessary information in the very first paragraph, or even in the subject line.

Sasha Karepina’s book belongs to the category of training publications. It not only provides theoretical examples of how to write, but also contains exercises to help you develop your own unique yet effective writing style.

Bonus. Giant Company Backstage Pass

Robert Iger is a man who can rightfully be called one of the most successful media managers in the world, because it was thanks to his efforts that the Walt Disney Company turned into the giant of the industry as we see it now. Before you is the memoir of a man who not only knows how to make money and promote his life’s work.

Eiger is an innovator who came up with a huge number of unique marketing strategies that are used today by leading experts.

This book is literally a pass behind the scenes of a giant company, and from the position not of an ordinary employee, but of the one who makes all the key decisions. For example, Robert Iger explains why the Walt Disney Company decided to buy Marvel and Pixar.

The ability to foresee. What I’ve Learned in 15 Years as CEO of Walt Disney” is an interesting opportunity to “talk” with a media manager who still has a tangible impact on how we will see the world of entertainment. The author tells how to communicate with people correctly, how to find a way out of crisis situations, how not to be afraid to take risks, while everyone else is following the already beaten path.

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