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A1 smart cash desk for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses – connection advantages and prices

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

From January 1, 2023, almost all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are required to use cash registers or POS terminals in their work. Even if we are talking about a market stall or the provision of services at home. And now entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for the most suitable solutions. We figured out what a Smart-checkout is and how to choose the best offer using the example of an offer from A1.

Who is required to have cash registers?

In short, almost all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must have a cash register or POS terminal. There is a short list of exceptions. But the essence of the requirements of the legislation is as follows: if a business entity sells goods or provides services by accepting cash or bank cards, then it is obliged to issue a fiscal receipt. And when accepting a bank card – also a bank check.

All exceptions are enshrined in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus dated 07/06/2011 N 924/16 “On the use of cash and other equipment when accepting means of payment” (as amended and supplemented, effective from 01/01/2023) .

For example, a Smart cash desk based on the iKassa software cash desk should be used by business entities that carry out the following activities:

– trade in non-food products at fairs, at trading places in the markets;
— implementation of a peddling trade in fruits and vegetables;
– performance of work, provision of services outside the permanent place of business (with the exception of rural areas);
– implementation of education for minors;
— provision of services for the provision of residential premises (their parts) in a hostel and the rental of residential premises, garden houses, summer cottages, incl. for a short stay.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

Who doesn’t need cash registers?

1. Individuals who work as self-employed and pay a flat tax or tax on professional income. They work according to the declarative principle and are not subjects of entrepreneurial activity. Therefore, the requirements of the legislation governing the procedure for accepting cash do not apply to this category of persons.

2. Craftsmen and citizens engaged in the provision of services in the field of agroecotourism. On the same principle as the self-employed, they have the right to accept cash without using a cash register.

But! For the convenience of their own clients, self-employed people can also install the Smart Cashier solution on their smartphone and connect the iKassaPAY payment terminal to receive contactless payments. You only need to have a smartphone with Android 8.1 and higher with NFC and OTG module.

And if there is no cash register yet?

If, according to the law, an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity is required to have and use a cash register, but does not do this, then a fine is imposed. Its size for individual entrepreneurs is up to one hundred base units, and for legal entities – up to two hundred base units (Article 13.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus).

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

What cash registers are used?

Perhaps the most budgetary and easiest option is the Smart Cashier on an Android 8.1 smartphone. What you need to use it:

  • the technical characteristics of the smartphone must support the NFC function for accepting payments with contactless cards and contactless systems (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.);
  • OTG-USB module for connecting through an adapter to the smartphone charge connector of a flash drive of a SKO token (operator control tool) for fiscalization of cash transactions.

If you need to print a receipt, you can additionally purchase a mobile receipt printer. You can send checks electronically to the buyer’s e-mail or provide them as a QR code for scanning.

Also, more and more 3-in-1 devices appear on the market: bank terminals with a built-in SKO token, a receipt printer and a pre-installed cash register. The functionality of such devices is the same – acceptance and fiscalization of payments in cash and non-cash methods.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

The differences between them are in the device manufacturer, equipment supplier, service, the number of acquiring banks, technical specifications, additional functions (for example, a docking station for connecting weighing equipment and an external barcode scanner), and, of course, in colors.

What is the functionality of Smart-checkout?

With the help of Smart-checkout, a business or individual entrepreneur can:

● open/close a shift and accept cash/non-cash payments;
● accept one payment using several payment methods at the same time;
● return funds to the buyer in the same way as the payment was made;
● set a discount for the goods or the entire amount of the receipt;
● edit the cost of goods; delete entered goods;
● generate pre-check;
● set up additional check fields: seller’s name, address, telephone-fax, advertising text;
● send electronic checks to the buyer’s e-mail;
● cancel an erroneously printed cash document;
● control the amount of cash on hand; view the amount of cash in the cash register; replenish the amount of cash at the cash desk;
● view the number of cash documents not sent to the MTS;
● add and exclude users, assign rights to them;
● view and generate X-reports;
● work offline (no more than 7 days);
● fiscalize checks and store at least 4,000 cash documents in memory;
● receive messages about errors that the operator made in the course of work;
● send copies of the check to the buyer’s e-mail.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

Why choose Smart-checkout in A1?

At least for reasons of economy and distribution of costs. In A1 Smart-cash can be purchased in installments up to 24 months. Then the monthly payment will be from 54.25 rubles / month.

Until June 30, 2023, a promotion is valid: a 40% discount during the year on the subscription fee “Own decision. Compact” upon new connection and purchase of the device “Smart cash register” from A1.

You can also buy equipment at a discount when servicing for a period of more than 12 months. Then it will cost 950 rubles.

For successful business, cost reduction and development, business process automation is needed. And Smart-checkout from A1 allows you to solve at least several tasks:

1. Several payment methods in one receipt. A1 smart-checkout allows you to calculate the buyer with several types of payments simultaneously in one receipt:

● several bank cards;
● cash;
● “Pay”;
● apply payment by certificate.

2. Additional data in the check. Smart cash desk from A1 allows you to apply percentage and sum discounts and surcharges, enter the name of a product or service, add advertising information to the receipt directly at the cash desk.

3. Formation of pre-checks. With the help of A1 Smart-Cash Desk, you can generate pre-checks for the convenience of working with delivery or when used in cafes and restaurants.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

4. Analytics. Each user of the Smart-checkout is provided with access to the Personal Account, in which they can analyze sales, download the product range (services) and issue differentiated checks to customers, set up access to cash transactions for cashiers.

5. Automatic reporting. In the User’s Personal Account, a cashier-operator’s book is automatically generated in Excel format for easy reporting.

6. Integration with other softwarethat the business uses. A smart cash desk can be integrated with many accounting systems, from highly specialized ones (public catering, retail chains) to widely used ones (small points of sale, delivery, services).

These integrations allow you to automate sales, synchronize inventory balances, keep records of goods and services, optimize the cost of maintaining primary accounting, and much more.

How to start using Smart Cashier — what documents do I need?

Actually the process is simple:

1. A legal entity or individual entrepreneur needs to fill out an online form and apply to A1 with a package of documents that was generated. If you apply without a package of documents, then an employee of the company will help with the preparation.

2. A1 registers the CCO for the client. The client does not need to go anywhere. The registration process takes about 14 days.

3. During these 14 days, you need to contact the bank where you plan to open acquiring.
4. When the SCO is ready, the A1 employee contacts the client and hands over the ready-to-use Smart cash register.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

Do I need training to use Smart-checkout?

No. Smart cash registers have an absolutely user-friendly interface and intuitive software. Any smartphone user can figure it out in a few minutes. No additional knowledge is needed. And if difficulties still arise, a guide to using the cash application is available.

What happens if you take a Smart-checkout “for show” and do not use it?

If a business or individual entrepreneur has connected a Smart cash register, then you should use it. Otherwise, questions may arise from the tax authorities. Then there is a penalty for non-use.

If the user has not opened a shift for more than 30 calendar days, the CCO is blocked.

However, if a business or individual entrepreneur has connected the Smart-cash, but temporarily does not carry out activities, then the tax authorities should be notified of the suspension of activities. It is possible to put the service on a “pause” – this may be relevant for business entities that carry out activities of a seasonal nature.

Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,
Photo: Daria Grashchenkova,

What reporting needs to be submitted when using the Smart cash desk?

When using the Smart cash register, manual maintenance of the cashier-operator’s book is not required. Cash documents are automatically sent to the SKKO portal.

When using the Smart cash register, you need to open a shift. The shift lasts no more than 24 hours. Then the checkout software will require you to close the shift. When it is closed, the “Withdrawal” button will appear, after clicking which the shift will be closed and the Z-report and withdrawal will be printed.

Sales reports and all cash documents are also stored in the user’s personal account.

You can buy a smart cash desk at A1 offices, you can also order the service in an online store with delivery throughout Belarus.

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