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Affordable “cloud” for large Belarusian companies

Bitrix24 has released a new cloud product Enterprise for companies with more than 250 employees. This is how developers help large businesses automate processes without buying their own server hardware and setting up the infrastructure on their own.

“Cloud services are gaining popularity every year. According to forecasts, by 2026 the volume of the global SaaS market will reach $ 307.3 billion. In many ways, this growth is due to the demand for SaaS solutions from large businesses — He speaks Polina Gankovich, CEO of 1C-Bitrix and Bitrix24 online service in Belarus. – Server infrastructure and its implementation, configuration, administration, support – are becoming more expensive. And cloud technologies can significantly reduce the cost of equipment and the labor costs of specialists who are responsible for its maintenance.”

Four key features of the new “cloud”:

Branch management

New technology for managing a network of outlets, divisions, divisions and franchises.

The parent company will be able to manage branches, collect reports and receive general analytics. Each unit will work in its own Bitrix24 with its own employees and rights.

Elastic Enterprise Cluster

Servers, infrastructure and clusters will be isolated and dedicated. Clients will be placed in independent data centers.

High performance and reliability are guaranteed. Auto-reservation of data – too.

Enterprise package

  • Support for Single Sign On (SSO) – single authorization of employees
  • Data encryption
  • Security event log
  • Priority technical support

3 TB disk space

“Everything related to software updates, technical support and ensuring the operability of the cloud service lies on the shoulders of the vendor. It is important that we, as a resident of Belarus, are responsible for the safe storage, confidentiality and security of information in compliance with the requirements of local legislation in the field of data protection, — notes Polina Gankovich. — We also constantly collect and analyze feedback from user companies. In particular, now there is a growing demand from companies with a distributed structure for software that helps manage branches and holdings. We have focused on this in the Enterprise cloud plan.”

Until August 31, the Enterprise cloud plan can be purchased at a 30% discount!

💥 Special offer for those who purchase the new Enterprise cloud plan in August! Bitrix24 will automatically double the number of users on the tariff:

  • When purchasing the Enterprise-250 tariff, the number of users on the portal is ➡ 500.
  • When purchasing Enterprise-500, the number of users is ➡1000.
  • When purchasing Enterprise-1000, the number of users is ➡ 2000.

Leave a request and the best implementers will help you choose the right tariff!

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