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Alden Investment Strategy founder Lin explains how Ethereum is inferior to Bitcoin

The founder of Alden Investment Strategy, Lyn Alden, admitted that she does not invest in ether, as she considers this tool less promising than bitcoin.

Twitter strategist posted a series of posts, in which she analyzed the long-term potential of the largest digital currencies.

She herself does not invest in ETH, as she believes. that this project has weaknesses. The Ethereum network is very popular among developers of blockchain services, but in the long term, the project itself and its underlying asset, ether, are unlikely to become economically sustainable.

Ethereum nodes will be subject to centralization attempts.

In addition, ETH is subject to much higher speculation risks than Bitcoin. BTC has a limited emission (21 million coins) and this is its main strength. There is a deep and qualitative divide between Bitcoin and Ether.

The chances of ETH will increase if, for at least the next five years, the updated version of the network (ETH 2.0) will function without interruptions, and its performance will increase, the strategist notes.

Alden is optimistic about the future prospects for Bitcoin. Even last year, she periodically announced that the BTC rate would strengthen.

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