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Almost half of Russians are ready to use the crypto-ruble

Otkritie Bank interviewed a group of respondents and found out that up to half of them are ready to use the digital ruble, the launch of which the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is working on. 47% of the respondents said that if the token appears on the market, they will use it when paying for goods and services. 53% of Russians participating in the study are generally neutral about the regulator’s crypto project. About 15% of those surveyed opposed the emergence of a national digital currency. The largest number of supporters of the Central Bank’s crypto project live in the North-West District. 55% of respondents from this region were in favor of introducing the crypto-ruble. The smallest share of supporters of the appearance of the token lives in the Southern Federal Circle and St. Petersburg (42% and 41%, respectively). 15% of respondents stated that they would not use the digital ruble due to the risks of fraud and distrust of the innovative tool in general. The study also showed that Russians living in the southern regions and St. Petersburg are most aware of the Central Bank’s plans to issue a token. In Moscow, 38% of the capital’s residents are aware of the regulator’s intention to develop a crypto-ruble. The bank conducted the survey in the period from 14 to 19 January in the format of an online interview. Were interviewed citizens of the Russian Federation under the age of 65, representing various social groups. As a reminder, the Bank of Russia announced tests of its token by the end of 2021 back in December.

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