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American broker advises to sharply increase risks in the stock market

Chart the S&P 500 at 1-week intervals Investors are starved for yield and the bond market is no longer able to offer it. The only place where there is any implied volatility is in the stock market, so investors should sell long-term out-of-the-money S&P 500 put options, strategists at US broker-dealer Macro Risk Advisors advise. They point out that such a strategy could bring huge losses in the event of a stock market crash, however, according to their data, selling such 1-year put options has brought fairly stable profits from 2003 to the present. “Selling volatility in the stock market today can bring profit two to three times higher than selling volatility in the bond market with a comparable level of risk,” the MRA experts write. “The stock market remains the last place where the risk premium is high enough to make money.” UBS Global Wealth Management investment director Mark Häfel also believes that selling put stock options along with buying dividend securities and emerging market assets can help boost portfolio returns. In November, Bank of America conducted a monthly survey of asset managers, which indicated that optimism in the stock market had reached extreme values, and there were no bears at all. Therefore, the recommendations of the MRA and UBS to sell put options on stocks when the market is already in one direction looks rather risky. According to Bloomberg, the volume of global bonds trading at negative yields hit a record $ 17.8 trillion. MarketSnapshot – ProFinance.Ru news and important market events on Telegram Related: Bank of America: time to sell shares

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