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Analysis of prices for BTC, ETH, XRP (28.12.20)

Over the weekend, the bulls continued their race and the price of BTC renewed its absolute maximum.


Last weekend, the bull run continued and yesterday afternoon the bitcoin price set a historic high around the 28,378.00 USD mark. At this point, the Bitcoin market dominance index exceeded 72%.

By the end of the day, the pair rolled back to the average price area, but the capitalization of the cryptocurrency flagship remains above $ 500 billion

The hourly moving average EMA55 kept the BTC price from a deep retracement tonight and it is very likely that the bulls are aiming to continue their run into the 30,000.00 USD area.

The recovery to the maximum zone is still taking place at low volumes, and if at this moment the bears are able to seize the initiative, they will try to push the price back to the POC line (23018.79 USD).


Before the end of last week, buyers were able to form a powerful bullish impulse and on Sunday the ether price broke through the resistance of 700.00 USD, renewing the annual maximum around 715.00 USD.

By the end of the day, the trading volume had decreased and the price had rolled back below the 680.00 USD mark, but tonight buyers tried to restore the pair and returned to the high zone in the morning, having tested the 717.00 USD level.

If the bulls can continue to rise, they will test the upper border of the green ascending channel, and if sellers try to seize the initiative, they will push the ETH price back to the four-hour moving average EMA55.


The Ripple price at the end of last week did not support the growth of the cryptocurrency flagship and was unable to recover to the area of ​​average prices.

However, there was no strong pressure from the bears either, and the pair’s decline slowed down in the support area of ​​0.280 USD. It is possible to recover from it above the resistance of 0.310 USD.

If at the beginning of this week sellers push through this support level, then the price will roll back to the 0.260 USD mark.

* All prices are based on BitStamp data

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