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Sberbank doubled income from investments in shares in the first half of the year

[ad_1] 2021-07-09T14: 39: 30 + 03: 002021-07-09T14: 39: 30 + 03: 002021-07-09T14: 39: 30 + 03: 002021 html Sberbank doubled income from investments in shares in the first half of the year BanksNewsru-RU https://russiyaastoday.rf Sberbank’s income from dividends received from investments in shares in…
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Oil spoiled the mood of investors and collapsed quotes

[ad_1] This week we have seen a weakening of the ruble amid a slight decline in oil prices. So, earlier the price for a barrel of Brent fuel rose above $ 78, but now it is traded at $ 74 per barrel. The market continues to be influenced by the situation around the…
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Price increases are inevitable!

[ad_1] According to the managing partner of Rozencwajg Associates Lee Goering, in the next few years, the price of gold could rise significantly, as inflation has already arrived. And it will cause panic among gold buyers. Now there is already 5% inflation. And we can say with confidence that with this indicator it will hold out for six months or even a year. It is possible that this will…
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The amount of BTC on exchanges is getting smaller, institutions are returning to investments

[ad_1] As the on-chain indicators show, the number of bitcoins on the balance sheet of cryptocurrency exchanges began to decline again, while institutional investors began to increase the volume of investments in BTC. Stocks BTC on exchanges The total amount of BTC stored on cryptocurrency exchange addresses has been declining since March 2020, when the bitcoin rate collapsed to lows. The…
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Oil prices continue to decline

[ad_1] Oil prices remain under pressure after a significant decline the day before amid uncertainty about the prospects for oil production due to disagreements in OPEC +. Market attention is focused on data on US stocks, which will be released a day later than usual this…
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Central Bank revealed fraud with charging payments for loan delays

[ad_1] MOSCOW, July 9 – PRIME. The Bank of Russia has identified cases when financial market participants charged the debtor with payments for a loan or loan delay in excess of the penalty established by law, the regulator said on Friday. The Russians were told how to get rid of other people’s loans. In addition to the forfeit, other payments were charged to borrowers for late payment…
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