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Bank of Russia raised its forecast for banks’ liquidity surplus at the end of the year

MOSCOW, May 4 – PRIME. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised its forecast for the structural surplus of banks’ liquidity at the end of 2021 to 0.9-1.5 trillion rubles from 0.8-1.4 trillion rubles, according to the Bank of Russia report on monetary policy. The scientist called the country “a laboratory “for the breeding of new strains of COVID-19” The forecast of the structural liquidity surplus at the end of 2021 has been increased by 0.1 trillion rubles, to 0.9-1.5 trillion rubles, “the document says. As before, the Bank of Russia forecast takes into account the premise of a gradual return to banks over the next few years of some of the cash, the demand for which increased during the pandemic. “However, taking into account the actual data for the first quarter, the forecast for the return of cash to banks has been reduced by 0.2 trillion rubles. This means that in 2021 a slight increase in the volume of cash in circulation is possible,” the regulator notes. In addition, as before, one of the prerequisites for the forecast is the assumption that the banks are evenly performing averaging of required reserves. Taking into account the forecast of the growth rate of the money supply, the balance on correspondent accounts of banks with the Bank of Russia expected at the end of 2021 has been increased by 0.2 trillion rubles to 3.1 trillion rubles, the report says.

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