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Banks fear an outflow of funds due to the digital ruble

MOSCOW, 13 Jan – PRIME. The issue of the digital ruble will cause an outflow of clients’ funds from banks and negatively affect their creditworthiness, there is also a risk of growth in rates, it follows from a study of the opinion of Russian banks, which was at the disposal of RIA Novosti. ), 17 banks took part in it, they account for 57.4% of the total assets of the banking system, which indicates a high representativeness of the results obtained. In October 2020, the Central Bank announced that it was assessing the possibility of issuing a digital ruble. It can become an additional form of money along with cash and non-cash and will require the creation of additional payment infrastructure. “According to the majority of respondents, the introduction of the Central Bank (digital currency of the Central Bank) will cause an outflow of customer funds from commercial banks and, as a result, will have a negative impact on their creditworthiness,” the ADB study says. influence will depend, inter alia, on the model for the implementation of the digital ruble. The role of credit institutions can be limited to an exclusively agency function, according to which banks do not accumulate digital currency on their balances, but open and maintain clients’ wallets on the Central Bank platform. “But in the event that digital rubles are not accounted for in banks’ liabilities as a source of funding for operations, this will lead to a significant drop in liquidity, reduced availability of credit and an increase in interest rates. monetary policy – ed.) “, – the banks indicated. Optimal, in their opinion, is scenario modeling and a phased transition to the use of the digital ruble. The survey participants also focused on the fact that the issue of the digital ruble and the massive transfer of client accounts from bank balances to the balance of the Central Bank will create conditions for competition between the Bank of Russia and credit institutions: the Central Bank in one person becomes a regulator, platform operator and holder of clients’ wallets, in direct competition with banks for balances on client accounts.

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