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BAYC founders accused of using far-right symbols

Popular YouTuber Philion published an investigation in which he accused the creators of BAYC of using symbols of racism and white supremacists.

Known as Philion, Filip Rusnak claims that the video was the result of research, including with the participation of experts in the field of art and Internet culture. He dedicated “hundreds of hours” to it.

The impetus for the study of history was a note by digital artist Ryder Ripps, who drew similar parallels in January 2022. To do this, the latter posted materials on a specially acquired domain, consonant with the pseudonym of the co-founder of Yuga Labs.

According to Philion, BAYC is “one massive alt-right inside joke” that uses language, symbols, and memes from an anonymous imageboard site. 4chan.

“BAYC is a big puzzle […] with hidden meaning […] “the biggest troll” […] “nice little social experiment,” the researcher added.

According to him, BAYC NFT images contain racist caricatures of blacks and Asians, and the symbolism and language used “similar to what the Nazis used.” In particular, adherents of this theory see similarities between the BAYC logo and “dead head“, the blogger is sure.

He pointed out that in both cases 18 teeth are depicted. [число, которое ассоциируется с Адольфом Гитлером]. The researcher also drew parallels with the date of death of the founder of Nazism and the placement of BYAC both events, as well as the launch of the Otherside metaverse, took place on April 30th.

The blogger found in BAYC references to the phrase on the gates of Buchenwald, the “ciphers and codes” of the modern ultra-right, and the alleged “non-randomness” of the pseudonyms chosen by the founders of the NFT collection.

Philion urged viewers to put pressure on BAYC holders to burn their tokens.

“I want every famous actor, athlete and influencer to burn their fucking monkey” — said the author of the video.

In January, following the Ryder Ripps accusations, the Yuga Labs team clarified that the image of monkeys was used by many as themselves and those who invest heavily in crypto projects without DYOR. The skull in the image has become the personification of the boredom that they experience “to death”.

A month later, extremism expert Mark Pitkawedge said there was no connection between the BAYC logo and Totenkopf, as “all the skulls are similar to each other to some extent.”

The specialist agreed that the use of a gold chain and a sushi chef’s headband are traits that are common to African Americans and Japanese, respectively.

Recall that machine learning expert Yannick Kilcher created an application that generates BAYC-style images.

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