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Advanced Bollinger Bands Indicator (Bollinger Bands®, BB).

Added to the standard Bands.mq4 indicator: the span of the upper / lower bands and signals of possible reversals.

  • BandsPeriod – the period of the indicator.
  • BandsRange – the period for determining the scope.
  • BandsDeviations – the number of standard deviations.
  • Averaging Fast Period – the averaging period is fast.
  • Averaging Slow Period – the averaging period is slow.
  • 0 – Middle line,
  • 1-Top line,
  • 2-Bottom line,
  • 3-Upper span,
  • 4-Lower span,
  • 5-Signal down,
  • 6-Signal up.

Free Download and Review BBandsEx from

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