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BDO auditing company will continue to work under the Business Assurance brand

Historically high quality under a new modern brand

The leading audit and consulting company BDO LLC, which has been operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus since 1997, announces its renaming into Business Assurance LLC and the completion of rebranding. The new brand name is Business Assurance (BA). The company will continue to work, maintaining its systematic approaches, methodology and its highly qualified personnel.

Over the long years of our practice, we have accumulated colossal, deep experience in various sectors of the economy and business areas, and our specialists – auditors, consultants and experts, led by the company’s partners, are proud of the support that has been provided to numerous clients of our company. Based on the results of our activities, hundreds of correct decisions were made that contributed to the growth and strengthening of our clients’ business. Closeness to the client, building honest and trusting relationships, responsibility, professionalism and ethics, as well as the social responsibility of our company and its employees are still the fundamental principles of our successful functioning.

At the moment, after the rebranding, our company will continue its work in four main areas: audit, legal and tax consulting, consulting and business process outsourcing, retaining its full team, as well as approaches based on the best national and international practice .

In our new name, we reflected the guarantee of the high quality of the services we provide, as well as the support that we have always provided and are ready to continue to provide to both small and medium-sized and large businesses, as well as leading private and state enterprises of our country. We also maintain our long-term cooperation with representatives of the non-profit sector.

For more than 25 years, the specialists of our company have been working to create a reputation that is characterized by high professionalism in the process of providing services, today we are entering a new stage in our development and movement forward together with our people, partners and customers. Move forward with us and with our support, making the right decisions in a rapidly changing environment, the world.

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