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Belarusian IT company has developed a system for robotization of business processes


The Belarusian IT company International Business Alliance expects that by 2024 up to 80% of Belarusian companies that now use foreign platforms will switch to local software. Therefore, the developer released a system for robotizing business processes of organizations – “RPA Chancellor”.

The product is focused primarily on the markets of Belarus and Russia. The main consumers are banks, telecom operators, retailers and large manufacturers. For example, in banks, robots process payments, issue cards, calculate salaries, process requests, and issue loans. Artificial intelligence allows them to learn and improve algorithms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a type of automation where a program mimics human actions. The capabilities of a robot are comparable to those of an employee. A software robot is able to recognize text, process a lot of data, fill out forms, compare information, etc.

– In terms of its capabilities, the new RPA platform is not inferior to world solutions, according to the developer company. — Many companies are already looking for alternatives to foreign vendors, expecting difficulties with support and renewal of licenses.

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