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Bitcoin, gold – all looking in the same direction

Good afternoon

Bitcoin bounced off the 22500 support level, while completing a bullish engulfing. At the moment, the scenario is materializing in the direction of growth. The potential level for the upward movement is the resistance of 25000:

Gold lingered at the support level of 1880 and now quotes are actively determined with a potential direction. The baseline scenario is an increase in the price of the precious metal in the direction of the broken ascending channel. The second option is the formation of a bullish flag at the moment with a subsequent breakdown towards the 1820 horizontal:

Bitcoin, gold - all looking in the same direction

The Eurodollar continues to consolidate and try to roll back to the broken ascending channel (near the level of 1.0900), from which there could potentially be a downward rebound towards 1.0350:

Bitcoin, gold - all looking in the same direction

Oleg Svirgun, analyst at the brokerage company Tickmill


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