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Bitcoin Jumps To Growth Over 13%

MOSCOW, January 14 – PRIME. The value of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is growing by more than 13% (over the past 24 hours), for the first time since January 10, trading at more than $ 39 thousand, according to trading data. Gref said what artificial intelligence cannot. the average price for more than 20 exchanges, as of 5:25 pm Moscow time, the cost of bitcoin is growing by 13.67%, to $ 39,150. On the Binance exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, bitcoin rises in price by 13.40%, to $ 39,200. The dynamics are given everywhere in a day. Bitcoin accounts for 69.5% of the total global cryptocurrency market. “At the end of yesterday, the data from the crypto market sociome said that Bitcoin, having taken a timeout for correction, would have to overcome the $ 36,000 mark today. However, the ongoing trading has already shown growth … which is already much higher than expected. With such growth, by the end of Thursday, bitcoin may well overcome $ 41,000 and reach $ 41,500 per coin, “said Vladimir Panushkin, director of the Socioma Center for Social Matrix Technologies, to RIA Novosti. “With all the unpredictability of the political situation in the United States, it becomes clearer that crypto speculators are actively seizing the moment and are increasingly questioning the reliability of the future for the dollar. The result is that today the Central Bank of one of the eastern countries announced the launch of two state-owned crypto farms,” ​​he added … Bitcoin soared in value in the second half of December. The cryptocurrency surpassed its all-time high of $ 20,042 since 2017 on December 16 and has been breaking records ever since. Bitcoin set an all-time high on Friday, hitting a new all-time high of $ 41,950, but then began to adjust significantly.

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