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Bitcoin on the verge of returning to $ 30,000


Before the weekend, bitcoin continues to balance dangerously near $ 33,000, on the verge of returning to $ 30,000 and at the same time maintaining the chances of breaking out above local highs, which will lead to liquidation of short positions and again aim the first cryptocurrency to reach the upper limit of consolidation from the beginning of May in the range of $ 30,000 – 40,000. The market emotionality index, calculated by the Santiment service, continues to indicate a decrease in sentiment under the #buy_bottom tag. Based on the mechanics of the market, this is evidence of an increase in the chances of an increase in quotes, which will strengthen a good trigger. Maintaining support is important; sentiment remains subdued as regulators are back in focus. No sooner had the market moved away from the statements of the Chinese Central Bank about the threats of bitcoin and stablecoins to the financial system, when it had to switch to the pressure of the European and American authorities. In the Old World, they plan to create a new supranational “anti-money laundering” agency, and it is planned to create a mechanism to collect information about the senders and recipients of transfers in cryptocurrencies. Previously, there were no such requirements for service providers. In the United States, Bitcoin’s adversary Senator Elizabeth Warren has demanded by July 28 to provide a report from the SEC on the available leverage to protect investors in the cryptocurrency market and the legislators’ plans to clarify the relevant regulatory framework. Clouds are gathering over Binance – after Barclays, another large bank, Santander, began to block transfers to this exchange. (BNB is generally at the market level). In other words, while the negative prevails, which holds back buyers. According to The Block, traffic on bitcoin exchanges in June showed the second decrease in amplitude this year. Altcoins also succumbed to the general correctional sentiment. Ethereum developers have reported the successful completion of testing the London hardfork on three testnets, which confirms August 4 as the date of its implementation on the mainnet. Along with this update, EIP-1559 will be activated, which implies the burning of transaction fees, and as a result, all other things being equal, a decrease in inflation in the network. But on the eve of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, it fell by 8.6% and for a period of 24 hours is still inferior in dynamics to other assets. from the top 10. Not important, but Dogecoin looks better, which goes up in price by 1.8%. Elon Musk “tried”, who compared Bitcoin and Ethereum with Dogecoin in terms of the efficiency of transactions in favor of his favorite coin and supported the upcoming update in the blockchain of the most popular meme cryptocurrency .______________ Aaron Chomsky, Head of Investment Department, ICB Fund


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