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Bitcoin predicted a new collapse – PRIME, 07/12/2021


MOSCOW, 12 Jul – PRIME. There is no point in buying bitcoin now, the cryptocurrency may collapse to $ 10 thousand in the near future, Scott Minerd, chairman of the board of directors of Guggenheim Investments, predicted in an interview with CNBC. “Looking at the history of cryptocurrencies and judging by the stage at which we are now, however, it seems to me that we are probably talking about a collapse, and a collapse could mean a fall of 70-80%, which, let’s say, corresponds to where- then $ 10,000-15,000, “the source said. Therefore, he believes that now is not the time to buy bitcoin and keep it in a portfolio. Bitcoin has already lost in value, dropping from a record 60 thousand dollars to 33.5 thousand dollars. The fall, in particular, was provoked by Chinese regulators. In the spring, Minerd expressed his opinion in a tweet that “cryptocurrency turned out to be a tulip addiction,” comparing Bitcoin to a 17th century bubble that was associated with the tulip bulb trade.


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