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Books on team building in business


Entrepreneurs in their interviews often talk about how startups with amazing, even brilliant ideas, fully developed strategies and development plans eventually die at the stage of team building. Don’t make such mistakes. To help you, we made an August selection of literature from the MTS Books service on how to assemble a dream team, get interested in an idea and make sure that there are no random people in the company.

Timur Vychuzhanin
literary critic

Svetlana Ivanova. Pitfalls of HR branding. How to Become the Best Employer for Employees and Candidates

The issue of recruiting for an already existing or just emerging company is now one of the main ones: without the right people, it will not be possible to build a business.

How to build your brand so that the best specialists want to come to you? How to make it so that your recruiters do not have to look for candidates among an endless number of resumes, but only select those that come on their own? This is exactly what Svetlana Ivanova talks about in her book.

It will help you not only build your company’s brand in the labor market from scratch and attract professional specialists who want to work and develop with you, but it will also help you avoid common mistakes that companies make when creating a team. In addition, the book contains many other tips: for example, about corporate events and their usefulness, as well as loyalty studies that allow you to understand the weaknesses in the positioning of the company in the labor market.

Dave Millner, Nadeem Khan. HR analytics. A practical guide to working with people based on big data

This book is closer to non-fiction content than classic business literature. Dave Millner and Nadeem Khan touch on one of the most difficult areas that exists in business intelligence today – big data.

The three main features of big data are variety, high velocity, and high volume. The size of these data sets is so large that traditional processing programs cannot handle them, but today, thanks to experts in this field, we can solve a large number of tasks, including in the business sector, that previously seemed overwhelming.

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Authors of the book “HR-analytics. A Practical Guide to Working with Big Data-Based HR, using the experience of three large companies — Admiral Group, Swarovski and King — demonstrates exactly how big data can be used in HR. However, this is not just a scientific study. Dave Millner and Nadeem Khan, both seasoned HR analytics professionals, not only talk about successful big data use cases, but also offer working models for how they can use the insights to improve a company’s HR policy.

Egor Yatsenko. IT recruitment. How to find the best specialists when everything is on fire

Even if you have already built a successful brand that guarantees that people will want to work for your company, you should not forget that you are not the only hunter in the jungle of the job market.

Egor Yatsenko in his book IT recruitment. How to find the best specialists when everything is on fire” tells how to find employees and build communication with them in such a way that they want to work for you, and not for competitors. The author offers several strategies that will allow you to find and hire the best specialists in your field. Moreover, for each type of specialist, he has developed his own unique tactics. This is literally a desktop guide for recruiters on finding and hiring employees, as well as how to stay calm and sane in an environment where “everything is on fire.”

Roberta Chinsky Mathewson. Talent management. A Guide to Growing a Strong Team

You already have a team – you won the race for the best shots. You are confident in these people, you know that they are masters of their craft. You have a strategy for the development of the company, you start your journey, but soon you notice that all these versatile specialists either do not get along with each other, or procrastinate, or stop showing the initiative for which you appreciated them so much.

Roberta Chinsky Mathewson in her book offers an approach that will allow you to avoid this, because such problems in the long run can not only reduce the profit of the company, but also bury it. The innovative strategy is to treat your team like a garden: know the characteristics of each plant, water them, prune them if necessary, and even, in severe cases, weed the beds. An unusual book that recommends unusual ways to interact with your team, however, all the recommendations put forward by the author are based both on personal experience and on research in the field of building a business.

Bonus: Tibor Fischer. It’s cool to be a god

This book starts out as a typical Miami misfit story. Have you seen The Beach Bum with McConaughey? The atmosphere is about the same. The protagonist is talented, but he can’t achieve anything, despite the fact that he lives in a city where business is booming. At some point, he decides that life at the bottom is enough for him. He comes up with the most ambitious startup in human history – he wants to become a god. Tibor Fischer is a talented storyteller who can not only make great jokes and make the reader get carried away by a famously twisted story, but also subtly describe how gradually the protagonist gathers more and more people around him, really becoming someone who can be called a “god”. “.

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