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BSB Tax calculation is a free service for BSB Bank customers

For entrepreneurs, there is an acute question of how to quickly and easily calculate taxes and file a tax return.

With the new service “BSB Tax Calculation” from BSB Bank it is possible!

Thanks to full automation, the service will calculate taxes, prepare a tax return and send the finished file to the client’s mail.

And most importantly, the service is absolutely free for BSB Bank customers.

“What do entrepreneurs usually do when they need to calculate taxes and file a declaration with the tax office? Either they begin to deal with this issue themselves – there is a high probability of a mistake and this distracts from doing business, or they hire an accountant – the services of an accountant are paid, and not everyone can afford them, especially small businesses. Understanding this pain of small business, BSB Bank launched a tax calculation service,” says Tatyana Terentyeva, head of the development and sales department.

Who is the service for:

  • Individual entrepreneur with any taxation system;
  • Legal entities on the simplified tax system.

*Internet banking connection required.

What are the benefits of the service:

  • Saving. Save your budget from the cost of an accountant.

The service itself will calculate your taxes, as well as prepare a tax return and send the file to your mail. All that remains is to sign and submit it.

  • Availability. The service works anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Support. Service consultants in touch 24/7.

To use the service, you need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Log in to
    Upon authorization, you automatically consent to the use of data by the BitTax service.
  2. After automatic calculation, check the selected transactions, make corrections if necessary and save the declaration in a format convenient for you for further filing.

* suitable for foreign currency earnings, as well as if there are employees.

“The service analyzes transactions on accounts with BSB Bank, including foreign currency accounts, and automatically calculates tax for the current quarter. At the same time, the service allows you to take into account the movement of money that did not pass through accounts with BSB Bank. You will need to add the missing amounts in the appropriate field. To prepare a tax return, the service will request data from various sources and pre-fill the fields. And if there are employees, then BSB tax calculation will prepare an income tax agent’s declaration.

As for the declaration, it can be downloaded in the required format (.pdf /.xml) for submission to the IMTS in person (by mail) or through the payer’s personal account.

The service works on any device 24/7. Round-the-clock support is also available, where you can ask any questions related to taxes and their calculation,” says Tatyana Terentyeva, Head of the Development and Sales Department.

The service works on the basis of the online service for automatic tax accounting BitTax.

Learn more about the service at the link.

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