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Catch Speed Pro

We catch big impulses in the market.

Principle of operation: in case of a sharp jump in the price, we open in the direction of movement and close with a trailing stop.

The algorithm: two pending orders are placed in both directions (Buy Stop and Sell Stop). After a certain time, if no pending orders are triggered, the pending orders are adjusted. If one of the two pending orders is triggered, it is closed with a trailing stop.

  • Timeframe: any;
  • Shoulder: from 100;
  • Recommended deposit: from $ 100.
  • MagicNumber – magic number;
  • Risk-dynamic lot (recommended 0.05);
  • StopLoss_and_Trail – stop loss and trailing stop level (from 50 to 1000);
  • Distance – the level of placing pending orders (from 2*STOPS_LEVEL to 20*STOPS_LEVEL);
  • RefreshTimeInSeconds – time in seconds until the pending orders are updated (from 10 to 1000);
  • FridayHourOFF – the hour of disabling the Expert Advisor on Friday, disable the function at 24 and above;
  • Slippage – maximum slippage.

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