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Central Bank will expand measures to protect consumers of financial services

MOSCOW, 19 Jan – PRIME. To protect consumer rights, the Bank of Russia is exploring the possibility of establishing new requirements for the disclosure of information on financial products sold through digital channels, according to the information report of the Central Bank. The Central Bank sold foreign currency in the domestic market for 2.3 billion rubles. “In order to protect consumer rights when purchasing financial products using digital channels The Bank of Russia is currently exploring the possibility of securing a number of requirements for the disclosure of information about a financial product sold through digital channels, as well as for the implementation process, “the document says. This is, for example, the exclusion of the use of pre-filled forms at any stage of the consumer’s interaction with the website of a financial organization and the practice of “pushing” the consumer towards a certain choice, a profitable bank or insurer. Another measure is to ensure the availability of information on the consumer’s personal devices and the ability to download any Information regarding the product. The Bank of Russia has rehabilitated more than 300 financiers from the “black list” It also provides for the creation of a technical impossibility of the client’s consent to the terms of service (pressing the appropriate button) in case he has not looked through all the pages of the document. “The mechanism of refusal from the provided financial service should not require more efforts than the procedure for concluding an agreement, and the after-sales service of a financial product (service) should be accompanied by constant communication to the consumer of information about changes in the terms of the agreement: rates, payments, fees and other significant conditions”, – also emphasizes the regulator. In addition, the Bank of Russia is considering the possibility of introducing and mandatory and formalized testing of new products of financial organizations, which should help protect consumer rights in the financial market, follows from the report of the regulator. “In order to minimize consumer risks, the Bank of Russia is considering, as part of the further development of the advisory component of behavioral supervision, the introduction of analysis (testing) of new financial products into the activities of financial institutions, which is a promising mechanism for protecting consumer rights in the Russian financial market,” the document says. It is noted that the regulator is currently analyzing the available foreign experience in this area to select the optimal model for the process of preparing and launching a new product on the market, assessing sales results and realizing risks for consumers. At the same time, the Bank of Russia noted that foreign practice testifies to the possibility of effective management of the risks associated with a new financial product.

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