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Complete Order Entry PRO

We offer three products. This is the Pro version.

  1. Free version:
  2. The Pro version, unlike the free version, it has the ability to trade on the grid:
  3. Demo version, Fully functional Pro version only for USDCHF pair:

We offer three products. This is the Pro version.

This panel is used for real-time trading and does not work in the strategy tester. COE is a market entry program, the main purpose of which is to help traders who prefer manual trading to open orders in a simple way through a user-friendly interface with flexible management.

  • It takes up little space on the chart, but at the same time provides a wide range of market entry controls.
  • Option to open market orders, pending stop orders, and pending limit orders.
  • The order opening price, take profit and stop loss are controlled by entering the values in pips, as well as by dragging the lines on the chart.
  • The option to fix the lines at a certain maximum and minimum price of the candle by using pips in the buffer when placing lines.
  • The option of fixing the lines to a certain price on the grid, which significantly increases the accuracy of the movement of the lines.
  • Option to set grids based on significant price levels or the opening price, stop loss, or take profit of an existing order.
  • You can use a fixed lot size or money management.
  • The lot size is calculated based on the account balance, equity, or available funds.
  • The calculation of the lot size may be linked to the actual stop loss of the order or may not depend on it.
  • Real-time order status update.
  • Updates the actual tick statistics if the market price changes during the Expert Advisor setup.
  • Standard user profile for quick login.
  • Preliminary check for incorrect settings before sending orders.
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A brief introduction is provided in the demo video:


Detailed instructions are provided in the video:

Free Download and Review Complete Order Entry PRO from

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