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Deposit insurance will be extended to medium-sized enterprises

MOSCOW, June 11 – PRIME. Deputies Anatoly Aksakov and Konstantin Bakharev submitted to the State Duma a bill on expanding the deposit insurance system (DIS) in banks, under which insurance compensation pays up to 1.4 million rubles to medium-sized enterprises and a number of other organizations, follows from the database of the lower house of parliament … The bill extends CERs to medium-sized enterprises included in the register of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), “socially oriented” non-profit organizations (NPO), trade unions (trade union organizations) and associations (unions) that are associations of such unions, as well as legal entities with a license to carry out educational or medical activities. In addition, the bill provides for the distribution of CERs to funds placed in bank accounts (deposits) of lawyers, notaries and other persons, if such accounts (deposits) are open for their professional activities. At the moment, deposits of small businesses are subject to insurance, information about which is contained in the register of SMEs, as well as certain types of NPOs. “Thus, under the protection of the deposit insurance system are the deposits of more than 2/3 of legal entities, information about which is contained in the unified state register of legal entities, including 2.4 million small and micro-enterprises, as well as about 200 thousand non-profit organizations (NPO) , including some of the organizations in the social sphere, “the developers of the bill indicate. They remind you that the issue of insurance of deposits of medium-sized enterprises (according to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, there are currently 17.4 thousand of them) was first raised in a report for public consultations on improving the deposit insurance system, published by the Bank of Russia in July 2019. At the same time, the regulatory and organizational foundations of state support for medium-sized businesses have been formed in the Russian Federation, they say. “The inclusion of accounts of medium-sized enterprises in the perimeter of the compulsory insurance system will provide them with additional support, and will also allow considering the proposals of a larger number of banks, including regional ones, to open accounts and attract deposits,” the developers say. At the same time, according to their preliminary estimates, if the law is adopted, the additional amount of insurance liability of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) will be 20-22 billion rubles, or only about 0.1% of the total insurance liability.

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