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DIA wants to pay compensation to depositors through the portal of public services

MOSCOW, Dec 25 – PRIME. The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) is discussing with the responsible departments the organization of payments of insurance compensation to depositors of collapsed banks through the portal of state services, the head of the state corporation Yuri Isaev said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Large banks may begin to provide state services from next year. “We see the possibility of such payments, for example , through the portal of State Services. We are moving towards this. We interact very intensely – in a good way – with the responsible departments. The work is not easy, it requires changes in legislation, and this always needs to be calculated 10 times in order to miss anything. Now the deposit insurance system works without failures, and should continue to work this way, “he said. In addition, at present, the agency has already tested a service for payments in remote mode through Sberbank. According to the head of the DIA, this service has already been able to prove its effectiveness, and other banks are also moving along this path. “Within a year or two, we will have to come to a digital model,” Isaev believes. He also recalled that already remote payments can be received by those depositors who have opened deposits through the Central Bank marketplace. This is possible, since the payments necessary for making payments have already been collected in the marketplace database. Despite the development of digital compensation channels, DIA does not plan to curtail payments in the offices of agent banks. “Most of our depositors are still in the category of depositors who go to the offices of the bank and communicate with the tellers. Therefore, the service provided by agent banks, we will in any case retain. And for those who want to switch to digital technologies, or have already switched, we we will launch new services, “Isaev assured. The Moscow Exchange launched the Financial Services marketplace for individuals on October 15th. This is a service that will enable citizens to online compare and purchase offers from various banks and financial organizations. At the first stage, bank deposits are available here, we plan to offer a product to OSAGO clients this year, and loan products next year. Read the full text of the interview on the website of the economic information agency “Prime” (part of the media group “Russia Today”) at 12.00 Moscow time.

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