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Directive No. 10 on the prohibition of price increases no longer applies

The Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade has officially clarified that Presidential Directive No. 10 of October 6, 2022 “On the Inadmissibility of Price Growth” is no longer valid. This information is also confirmed by the government, which sent an official letter to government agencies stating that the directive was valid until October 18, 2022. This means that from October 19, 2022, businesses should be guided only by the norms of Resolution No. 713 of the Council of Ministers.

According to the text of the clarification from MART, the directive is a programmatic decree “issued by the Head of State in order to systematically address issues of significant social and economic importance.”

“At the same time, paragraph 5 of Directive No. 10 instructed the Government to introduce a price regulation system by October 20, 2022. Based on the proposals on measures to improve price regulation developed by the working group (created in accordance with paragraph 3 of Directive No. 10), the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated October 19, 2022 No. 713 “On the price regulation system” was adopted.

Decree No. 713 introduced a system for regulating prices for domestic and imported goods, allowing to control the pricing of more than 85 percent of the goods in the consumer basket.

In this regard, from October 19, 2022, work should be guided by the requirements of Decree No. 713“, the document says.

In an official letter from the government, it is said that such a decision was made “in order to avoid legal conflicts in the sphere of state regulation of prices.”

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