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Eh, I would have BKL yes 40+ years ago

The Zyuzino metro was built practically under the windows of the Khrushchev building, where I lived from 1964 to 1983. To Michurinsky Prospekt, where I went by 1 trolleybus and 2 buses (40 minutes, not counting the wait), judging by the scheme, 14 minutes.

Since 1983 it would have been a little longer, since we moved to a house also on Kakhovka, closer to the place where Gazprom is now. From there it would be a little longer to the metro: 10-12 minutes walk to Zyuzino.
In 1983, however, I had to go to work in Kuntsevo (15-20 minutes walk from Kuntsevskaya or Molodogvardeiskaya). Again, judging by the scheme from Zyuzino to Kuntsevskaya 22 minutes, and I went by trolley bus to Novye Cheryomushki (10 minutes not counting the wait, stopping under the windows), then Novye Cheryomushki-Kaluzhskaya-Kievskaya (28 minutes, not counting transfers)-Kuntsevskaya (another 19 minutes).

In 1991, I moved to Brateevo (separated from my parents) and it took 20 minutes by bus to the Kashirskaya metro station, not counting the wait, Kashirskaya-Paveletskaya-Kievskaya-Kuntsevskaya (54 minutes, not counting transfers). And now from Kashirskaya to Kuntsevskaya 37 minutes without transfers.

And from the new apartment (in 1997 I changed a one-room apartment for a three-ruble note) to Alma-Ata, I am 5 minutes on foot. The branch to Kashirskaya, however, is closed until April, but if they open, then 14 minutes to Kashirskaya.

True, I haven’t worked in Kuntsevo for a long time, and I don’t live in Moscow either, I only occasionally spend the night when I meet with clients “over a glass of tea”. Therefore, nostalgia for the absence of LCL 40+ years ago.

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