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"Enemies slander"

Since February, there has been talk that China “will not help.” And here is what the WSJ writes:

Chinese customs data shows that chip shipments from China to Russia more than doubled to about $50 million in the first five months of 2022 from a year earlier, while exports of other components such as printed circuits increased double digits. percent. Export volumes of alumina, which is used to make aluminum metal, an important material in the arms and aerospace industries, are 400 times higher than last year.

In addition to components for radar and semiconductors, Chinese exporters have also helped fill a gap in key materials that Russia cannot source elsewhere.

In March, Australia banned the export of aluminum oxide and a number of other related products, citing their use in weapons development. Since then, Chinese exports of alumina to Russia have skyrocketed, reaching 153,000 metric tons in May, according to Chinese customs data, up from 227 metric tons in the same month a year earlier.

It is clear that no one will miss their benefits. Such a market.

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