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Enjoy business club – matrix HYIP project


Enjoy business club
ENJOY Business Club is a close-knit team of specialists in the field of marketing, trade and investment. All employees are professionals with colossal work experience. The marketing plan has 3 parts. Each part can be entered separately or

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Enjoy business club – Another scam of the type of “mutual assistance cash desk”. The swindlers have created a financial pyramid, which they are trying to pass off as an investment project. The divorce scheme is not new, but effective nonetheless. Many fall into the cleverly placed networks of charlatans. What’s the catch? Let’s figure it out.

E-mail addresses of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the addresses of their scams. Therefore, the name, site address or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please Contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project

Let’s start with a legend. She’s like this:

Scam legend

We are serious and for a long time! We have a roadmap for development until 2030.

ENJOY business club Is a close-knit team of specialists in the field of marketing, trade and investment. All employees are professionals with colossal work experience.

The names of the “professionals” have not been named. That is, we must take our word for it. The company is also not registered anywhere. So it is fake. Anyway. What else is there in the legend?

The marketing plan has 3 parts. Each part can be entered separately or simultaneously. Profitable work strategies have been developed. In these marketing, each partner can earn money for travel, vacation, car, accommodation and other purposes.

In essence, this is a description of a pyramid scheme. But we read further:

Also in business club ENJOY has its own coin and internal exchanger. The coin rises in price in steps. The percentage is not large, but guaranteed, because business club ENJOY invests in real estate, tourism and advertising. Only partners with a certain status can participate in investments. Withdrawal of earned money without any restrictions!

Investment in real estate and tourism in the midst of a pandemic? Very beneficial (sarcasm). What is the rate of coins? one joys = $ 1.

If you register on this scam, it becomes clear that Enjoy business clubthis is a matrix hype. This is the name of a subspecies of financial pyramids that work according to a certain scheme. IN Enjoy matrices are the so-called streams and tables in projects… Workers projects at the time of writing this review – 2. The third in development.

The first project is called Elite… According to legend, crooks invest in real estate. But the rates are ridiculous.

The project consists of 5 threads. The participant must buy an entrance to the stream and invite two personalities (referrals).

The prices are as follows:

Rogue rates

Entrance to 1 stream 10 $

  • Promise to pay 70 $

Entrance to the 2nd stream 35 $

  • Promise to pay 200 $

Entrance to the 3rd stream 100 $

  • Promise to pay 650 $

Entry to stream 4 250 $

  • Promise to pay 1,700 $

Entry to stream 4 5,000 $

  • Promise to pay $ 3,500

All charges are made in joys (internal project coin). The project provides for automatic movement from stream to stream. That is, part of the money that you allegedly receive at the exit will go to pay for entering a more expensive stream.

You can enter either one stream or several at once. The administration promises to make payments when it appears in your matrix at least 14 people… That is, two invited people are not enough. Of course, you can sit and wait for someone else to invite, but the admins assure that this is not beneficial to anyone. In fact, it is not beneficial for them. For they make the participants advertise their scam for free.

Second project – Premium. It consists of three tables. The prices are as follows:

Scam prices

  • Entrance 1 table – 35 dollars
  • Entrance 2 table – 70 dollars
  • Entrance 3 table – 140 dollars

It is essentially a 7-level binary matrix. That is, the same eggs, only in profile.

Scammers use a PAYEER wallet to make payments. As you know, transfers through this payment system are irreversible.

Project contacts

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiFu9r7f65xBEoW22CHKSyQ?view_as=subscriber
  • https://vk.com/enjoy_biz
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/2381979625176157


  • https://t.me/enjoy_business_ckub
  • @enjoy_sapport

Site data:

  • Domain enjoy-biz.club was registered on July 5, 2020
  • Owner’s name is hidden

Exposing the project

At the very beginning of this review, I called Enjoy business club “Cash desk of mutual assistance”. How does it work? According to the principle: you – me, I – you. This is even written in the rules:

Filkin's certificate

2.1. The site administration allows Members to send cash gifts to the project participants, according to the marketing plan (referral program). At the same time, the Site Administration does not accept, store or redistribute funds. All financial transactions are carried out directly between the participants. The administration controls the distribution of project participants, according to marketing and service maintenance. The organizers of enjoy-biz.club can participate in the marketing plan by becoming a Member and having the rights and obligations of a Member.

That is, the payment for entering the stream is a gift. As you know, gifts can be free of charge. All we can do is hope that the administration will fulfill its obligations and make sure that we receive the promised counter “gift”.

But will admins work honestly? They do not give guarantees. They don’t even guarantee that they won’t close their project anytime soon. In clause 6.2. the rules are written:

The administration reserves the right to completely or partially restrict the functionality of the service for technical, technological, preventive or other reasons.

I wonder what reasons might be different?

Separately, I was amused by the point on force majeure:

The Administration is released from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if it was the result of force majeure circumstances, namely: fire, earthquake … […] sanctions by authorities and (or) administrative bodies of various levels …

Fraudsters realize that they are breaking the law and can become involved in criminal cases. And they called this development of events “force majeure“? Well, cunning!

What is the essence of a divorce for money Enjoy business club? It’s simple. Swindlers do not conduct real economic activity, but imitate it. They do not invest in real estate and tourism, but simply collect deposits in their accounts. Payments to participants are made from this common fund. Profit, if any, is calculated from the contributions of beginners. The cash register is controlled by the administration, which can rob it at any time. You cannot control and prohibit them.

Someone will object to me that perhaps this time we are dealing with honest people. Let’s assume that’s the case. But Enjoy business club will burst anyway. The point is that it will not exist forever. For the more people join the project, the more money will be needed for payments. At some point, there is simply not enough money for everyone. And the end of the system will come.

The crooks are well aware that any financial pyramid is not viable. Therefore, they will not wait for the natural collapse of the system and will rob their depositors. Otherwise, they themselves will be left with nothing.

Potential losses on the project

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project – from 10 $ and higher.

Conclusion about the project

Enjoy business club – matrix HYIP-project. Like any other financial pyramid, this scam is about to collapse. Yes, in the first couples, the project will most likely pay dividends. But the moment will inevitably come when scammers will steal money from the box office and close the site.

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Hello everyone, my name is Irina, I am part of a small team of the Baxov.Net project. I have been in the project since the end of 2018 and during this time I met and analyzed a huge number of not honest projects. I am happy to help and protect people from scammers on the Internet.

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