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Ethereum miners earned a record $ 1.59 billion in April

Ethereum miners have been setting profit records for the fourth month in a row – in April their revenue was $ 1.59 billion.

If in March the miners of the second cryptocurrency received $ 1.38 billion in profit, then in April this figure was $ 1.59 billion.At the same time, Ethereum miners received $ 702 million from transaction fees.

If you look at the number of transactions in the network of the second cryptocurrency, then the record earnings will be quite understandable. In April, a record number of transactions took place on the Ethereum network – more than 40 million.

Also, the income of miners is affected by the ETH rate, which continues to update the highs. If Bitcoin is only trying to return to the tops, then the ether quickly recovered from the fall and began to climb to new highs. ETH is currently trading at $ 3,370.

As a reminder, the Ethereum network is gradually transitioning to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Currently, more than 4 million ETH are blocked on the deposit contract for staking, which is more than $ 11 billion at the current exchange rate.

Recently, the manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain announced the imminent launch of the new Antimer E9 ASIC miner for Ethereum mining.

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