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Exhaustion of buying or selling pressure. What is it and how to use it in trading

Arrows 1, 2 and 3 show bullish candles, but the volume on these candles gradually disappears. Thus, the ATAS platform indicates a shortage of traders who are ready to buy. It can be concluded that a price reduction is coming.

By the way, the bullish impulse marked with the number 3 forms the right shoulder of the head and shoulders pattern. Buying exhaustion can often be read in the formation of this pattern, thus the volume indicators confirm its authenticity.

The following example shows how selling exhaustion led to a breakout of resistance.

This is a cryptocurrency market, the data was taken from the Binance exchange. The ZigZag Pro indicator has been added to the chart. This indicator breaks a sequence of candles into alternating waves of rising and falling prices.

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