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Expert BEMAC Free

The strategy of this Expert Advisor is based on breaking through the channel with the signal line MA. The Expert Advisor is able to work successfully on any TF and on any currency pair. However, it shows the best results on the JPY pairs and on gold.

This version was created to check the performance of the vehicle. The EA trades the minimum lot on the current symbol and the TF.

  • EveryTick-flag, the signal is formed on the current bar (true) or on the previous one (false).
  • Magic – unique order number.
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points.
  • StopLoss – stop loss in points.
  • Trailing Stop – the level of tracking the stop loss (trailing in points).
  • Trailing Step – the trailing step in points.
  • Signal Period – the period of the signal MA.
  • Channel Period – the channel period.
  • Signal Calc Mode – method for calculating the signal line.
  • Signal Price Calc-calculation of the price for the signal.
  • Bars for Calc – the number of bars to calculate.

The screenshots demonstrate the EA’s ability to successfully trade on any symbol and timeframe.

Please try and write reviews. Your opinion is very important. 

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