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Experts assessed the impact of possible sanctions on transactions with ruble bonds

MOSCOW, April 17 – PRIME. A possible US ban on its banks on transactions with ruble bonds of Russian state banks in the secondary market will not affect the domestic debt market in any way, new sanctions should not be expected in the near future, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti say. Political scientists have named the purpose of US sanctions against Russia. the sources wrote that the possibilities of President Joe Biden include the expansion of measures announced on Thursday, namely the prohibition of US financial institutions to participate in transactions in the secondary market with ruble bonds issued by Russian state banks. “Currently, there is already a ban on attracting debt in dollars for state banks of the Russian Federation, introduced in 2014. No one buys ruble bonds from foreigners. This measure will not affect the market in any way, but the background, of course, is negative: there is a bargaining in sanctions and retaliatory counter-sanctions “, – said asset manager of BCS World of Investments Andrei Rusetsky. Almost all Russian state-owned banks have been under sectoral sanctions since 2014, which means that debt securities issued after their entry into force are not available for trading by American investors, therefore this the measure looks a little strange, said Alexander Kudrin, chief strategist for macroeconomics and debt markets at Aton. “This is probably an incorrect interpretation,” he said. “The article talks about the possible continuation of sanctions in some indefinite future. Indeed, President Biden’s decree leaves the possibility of introducing new restrictions, but it is probably not worth waiting for them in the near future, since the previous package, which restricts the purchase of Russian government debt by American investors in the primary market , was announced only on Thursday and comes into effect on June 14, “Kudrin said. The United States on Thursday introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation; 32 individuals and associations were affected by them. In addition, new sanctions prohibit US financial institutions from purchasing Russian government bonds on IPOs after June 14. Washington also announced that it will expel 10 diplomatic personnel.

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