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Federal Investigation Center – a fake organization


Federal Search Center
Hello, my name is Mikhail Vetrov. I am the chief lawyer of FRC. Our center is looking for unpaid funds from various unscrupulous sites. In legal proceedings we receive unpaid money from them and send them

Federal Search Center – a simple scam. Such scams are based on the so-called “unpaid payments“. What is it about? Fraudsters claim that someone owes you a lot of money and they are ready to transfer these funds. But there is a catch that an inexperienced Internet user does not know about. What’s the catch? Let’s figure it out.

E-mail addresses of the project

  • No email address for the project

Attention! scammers very often change the addresses of their scams. Therefore, the name, site address or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please Contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project

I’ll start with a legend. Scammers on their website write:



Immediately, I note that such center does not exist, but we read further:

Hello, my name is Mikhail Vetrov

I am the chief lawyer of FRC. Our center is looking for unpaid funds from various unscrupulous sites. In legal proceedings, we receive unpaid money from them and send them to the injured party.

According to your data, it was revealed that you did not receive 3 payments, for the total amount: 339 880 rubles.

We have received the entire amount from the sites and are ready to send it to your bank card.

What is my data? I did not leave my details to these crooks. And who owes me so much money? I do not remember.

What does it take to “get” money? Indicate the bank card number in the special field.

Simulated check

At the bottom of the site, the charlatans wrote some data.

Reg. number: 4582155FRTS. Classifier 8F3-KSL.

Allowing federal document for massive payments to citizens: ФЦ152 / 15

(c) 2015 – 2020 FRC

In reality, these data are meaningless, because there is no registration number, no classifier, no permit document. If the organization were real, it would indicate the OGRN or at least the TIN.

It is already clear that we have another scam in front of us, but I decided to press the big white button and see what happens next. I didn’t enter the bank card number. On the next page, the scammers wrote:

Psychological trick

There is no card with this number!

Please re-enter the card number and check if the numbers are correct. After that, click the button: “Add to card”

This little psychological trick is only needed to make you believe that the so-called Federal Search Center looking for something. No, he’s not looking for anything, but imitates work

I pressed the green button a second time without filling in the data, and went to the next page. The scammers wrote the following:

Asking for money

I have prepared a withdrawal of money in the amount of 339 880 rubles to the bank card you specified.

To complete the money transfer, please pay the amount in 298 rbl… for the work done by our lawyers to return your unpaid funds. This money is used to maintain the site and to pay the salaries of the lawyers’ department.

Well, now we got to the climax. The swindlers began to ask for money for their fake services. Why should we trust them that the promised funds will be credited to the account? Charlatans have come up with an answer to this question. Below you can read the “comments of other participants.” All reviews are fake. How to check? And you try to write your review. Scammers hide behind moderation, although this is also an imitation. Visitors have no opportunity to write comments.

Linden reviews

But the crooks are rushing us to pay them money. They justify it like this:

Attention! Please pay for the work of a lawyer and receive a money transfer within 3 hours. In case of late payment, FRTs will count the refusal to receive money and reserves the right to send money to the state. fund for material support of the population.

State the fund for material support of the population does not exist either.

And why this rush? Charlatans give us 3 hours of time to think, but bank transfers can take up to 3 days of time.

Scammers use a phishing service to receive payments in their machinations. In my case it was xlpay.trade. You may have a different site.

Phishing site

The receipt page looks like a regular payment generator page, but the main page of the site is empty. This is clear evidence of fraud.

By the way, for some reason, the amount in the receipt is not the same as in the scam. The crooks in the legend wrote 298 rubles, and the invoice is issued for 297 rubles.

Project contacts

Moscow, Ochakovskoe highway, 2A, office: 203 – the address is fake, it is indicated on other similar scams.

Site data:

  • The scam is on a subdomain frc.bnk1.buzz
  • Registration date bnk1.buzz May 26, 2020
  • Owner’s name is hidden
  • Home page is blank

On the domain bnk1.buzz there is another similar scam, but with a different name and design. However, the divorce scheme is the same.

Its address is:

  • onlinekassa.bnk1.buzz

Exposing the project

What is there to expose? Federal Search Center does not exist, which means you will not receive payments. The services of a lawyer are fiction.

In addition, if you pay, you may then be asked to pay for other fake services. For example, they will invent some kind of commission or registration. Losses will increase.

Also, the danger is fraught with the very service of accepting payments. Scammers will receive your confidential data during the payment process and it is possible that they will try to rob your account. For example, they’ll sign up for you some kind of paid subscription and transfer money to themselves little by little.

Potential losses on the project

  • Legal services – 297 rubles

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project amount – from 297 rubles and higher

Conclusion about the project

Federal Search Centerfake organization… Therefore, it makes no sense to use her “services”. All the money that you spend on the operation of this center will go into the pockets of fraudsters.

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