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Finnish Customs re-announced the sale of bitcoins seized in 2016

The Finnish Customs Administration decided to sell 1981 bitcoin. According to local media outlets, most of this cryptocurrency was confiscated back in 2016. The coins were seized from a Finnish drug dealer. At the time of the confiscation, the total value of these BTC was $ 860,000, now it has grown to $ 75 million. Customs officials want to sell the cryptocurrency directly to the buyer or resort to brokers, a spokesman for the service Pekka Pilkkanen told reporters. All funds raised from this transaction will be directed to the Finnish Ministry of Finance. The seized bitcoins were tried by the Customs Administration to sell back in 2018. However, then the authorities refused such a step due to fears that the coins could again fall into the hands of criminal groups. At the beginning of last year, customs officials again announced the sale of the seized cryptocurrency through an auction, but then they again abandoned such a step. Now the authorities have announced that they do not intend to hesitate and will try to sell the coins as soon as possible. BTC is currently trading just above $ 38,200.

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