Forex Conquered: John L Person and Trading Success

Forex Conquered: John L Person and Trading Success

Forex Conquered: John L Person and Trading Success


Forex trading has become increasingly popular as a way to generate consistent returns on investments. Many investors are looking for ways to trade successfully, but the confusion around forex trading can stop even the most experienced traders from achieving their desired results.

Enter John L Person, best-selling author and forex trading expert. His book, Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems And Strategies For Active Traders, provides a comprehensive view of the strategies and techniques necessary to become a successful forex trader. By breaking down concepts such as money management, market timing, and risk management, Person makes it easier for readers to learn to trade forex profitably.

What is Forex Conquered?

Forex Conquered is a comprehensive guide to the world of forex trading written by John L Person. In this book, Person provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a successful forex trader. He covers topics such as market timing, trading systems, risk management, and even dealing with emotions.

Person’s book is geared towards all levels of trader, from the experienced to the novice. He offers specific strategies for each type of trader, and provides tips on how to become more profitable. In addition, Person explains the common mistakes that traders make, and ways to avoid them in the future. By incorporating both theory and practice, Person ensures that the reader’s understanding of the world of forex trading is comprehensive.

What Does Forex Conquered Offer?

Forex Conquered offers readers a complete package of information and guidance when it comes to trading. Person explains the basics of the forex market, and how to design profitable trading systems. He also provides detailed instructions on how to create a trading plan, and how to manage risks. On top of that, Person addresses the emotional side of trading, offering advice on how to deal with the fear, greed, and impatience that can be associated with trading.

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Forex Conquered also includes tips on harnessing the power of technical analysis, and how to use this analysis to understand the trends of the currency markets. Person also covers market sentiment, and how this will affect the outcomes of trades. Finally, he dives into money management, helping readers learn how to best manage their trading funds.


Forex Conquered is the perfect introduction to the world of forex trading. Written by best-selling author and trading expert John L Person, this book covers both the theoretical and practical sides of trading. Person offers invaluable advice on topics such as money management, risk management, and trading systems. With Person’s comprehensive advice, anyone can become a successful forex trader.

Introduction: Forex Conquered by John L. Person

Forex Conquered by John L. Person is an absolute must-read for any active Forex trader. It covers everything from trading systems to money management to emotions for easily understanding how to pull the most out of Forex trading. It is practical and includes essential advice from the author’s own trading experiences. The book has gained positive reviews from readers and is especially well-loved for having clear instructions and extensive examples.

High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders

Forex Conquered provides readers with essential systems and strategies to become successful in the Forex market. There is a step-by-step process to entering and exiting trades with analytical breakdowns to help traders clearly understand risk versus reward. Technical analysis is also included with Ferrari precision from the knowledge the author has acquired in developing his own trading system and then diving deep into the subject matter.

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John L. Person’s Personal Trading Experiences

John L. Person shares his personal trading experiences to provide a unique layer to the theories he presents. Without these examples, many of the concepts may seem out of reach, but with the firsthand accounts, Forex Conquered becomes easy to tackle. Readers will not only be able to define their units of account, but also determine the best methods for their type of trading. There are also risk management systems to help manage the monetary risk as well.

These features make Forex Conquered the right book for both beginning and advanced traders. It provides the necessary systems and strategies that will help traders conquer the Forex market with precision and certainty. The advice and guidance make it a great resource for those looking to become successful Forex traders. It is without a doubt John L. Person’s most comprehensive book on trading the Forex market.