Forex News Websites: Best Sources for Currencies Trading

Forex News Websites: Best Sources for Currencies Trading

Forex News Websites: Best Sources for Currencies Trading

Forex trading attracts‌ millions of traders around the ⁤world every day thanks to ⁣its potential for high returns and its 24-hour access. However, newcomers to the market should take extra care, as the Forex market is highly liquid and can be extremely volatile.⁣ To successfully⁤ navigate the ⁢market, traders⁣ need to keep up to date with the latest news,​ analysis, and data to aid their decision-making. With this in⁣ mind, here is ⁤a list‌ of ⁢the 15 ⁣best ‍forex sites and platforms for technical analysis, forex news, and the latest market updates.

Latest​ Forex News⁤

For⁢ anyone​ looking for the latest news on the⁤ Forex market, few ⁢sites can rival ​the likes of Bloomberg. On top of being able​ to ⁢quickly browse the front page for the most current headlines, the website⁤ also⁣ provides⁣ access to in-depth ‌resources and data.‍ Traders can⁣ benefit from features ‍such as‍ real-time streaming news, charts⁢ and data, ⁢and other special ​reports.⁤ The blog ⁢also features articles from leading experts on the market, offering insights​ and‌ analysis‌ for free.

Market Data

When it comes ‍to getting the latest market information and⁣ data, FX⁢ Street is one⁣ of the best tools​ available to traders. ⁢Providing real-time ⁤quotes, charts and data, as⁤ well as the day’s top stories and features, the website offers a comprehensive view of‌ the ‌Forex market. Furthermore, users can access⁣ videos, interviews and tweets from the experts, allowing them ⁣to ⁢further their knowledge and ⁣gain insights‌ into the market.

‌Technical‍ Analysis Tools

TradingView is widely​ used⁣ amongst Forex traders and is a ​great source of‍ technical ​analysis tools. From ⁣chart types ⁤( including Line, OHLC ‍and Candlestick ) and technical studies, to ‌a host of drawing tools and ⁤integrated ⁤trading signals, the website offers ‍a comprehensive view of the⁢ Forex market. Further to this, the ‍platform also provides a range of financial​ data, to further aid traders ‌in making informed decisions.

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With ‌the ⁤Forex market highly liquid‌ and highly volatile, it⁢ is important to ⁤stay up to⁢ date with the⁣ latest news⁣ and analysis to make informed decisions. Fortunately, there​ are a number of great websites and‍ platforms that can⁤ help traders improve‌ their understanding of the Forex ⁤market. From the latest news ‌to market data and technical analysis, the best websites can provide ​comprehensive insights into the most important aspects of​ the Forex market.

Introduction to Forex News

Forex news is vital to inform traders and investors ⁤of ⁢financial and economic news. It is necessary ⁤to see how currency pairs and other financial ⁤instruments ⁣are affected by ⁢information‌ from‍ events taking place in the world. With​, traders​ and investors can stay up to date on the latest news and events ⁤that‍ may influence their portfolio. The award-winning platform provides‍ access to the major global currency pairs and other financial instruments ⁣without ‍the‍ need for a ⁤leveraged account. ⁢Being informed is the most important part of trading, so traders⁢ must do their due⁢ diligence to stay ahead of the game.

Reviewing Forex⁤ News ‍Websites

With the vast⁤ array of news sources available on the internet, finding the most ⁣reliable and‌ comprehensive sites can be overwhelming.⁣ Forex traders must ‍consider the reputation⁢ and‍ track record of the news source,‌ and how quickly‌ they provide ⁢the most up-to-date information. Furthermore, traders⁢ need to ⁣be able to compare and ‍contrast between different sources to get ⁢a better picture of the market situation and trends. To assist forex traders in​ their ⁤search ⁢for news sources,‌ we have⁤ compiled a list of ‌the top forex news ⁤websites ‍for 2020. All of these‌ news sources⁢ are credible, reliable, and provide extensive coverage ‌of currency markets and global financial news.

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Reuters is a well-known news agency that has been around for more than 150 years. The service offers reliable and unbiased news on ‌global financial markets, and its coverage‍ includes⁢ forex and other financial instruments. It features a web-based platform⁤ with real-time financial news feed and ⁢comprehensive coverage of financial topics. By ⁢subscribing to Reuters, traders and investors have access‍ to the latest⁤ financial ‍news and⁤ updates‍ from ⁤hundreds of sources.​ Additionally, the agency offers tools and other ⁤resources to help traders and‍ investors make ⁣informed⁢ decisions.


Established ⁤in the⁤ late 1800s, Bloomberg is⁤ a leader in the financial‌ media industry. The⁤ service provides⁣ in-depth articles, interviews, ‍reports, and videos on global financial markets and​ developments. Its ​website has a range of ​features and‍ tools related to economic news, markets,‍ companies, and commodities. Forex traders can‍ take advantage of Bloomberg’s real-time financial news feed, ‌as well as its exclusive quotes and charts for various currency ⁢pairs. Moreover, subscribers are allowed to customize‌ the ⁤page to get ​notifications and alerts for any changes in the ⁢markets.⁤

Wall⁣ Street Journal

The⁣ Wall⁤ Street ⁣Journal is another renowned news ‍source for financial⁣ news. The website features a wide array of news articles, reports, features, and analysis on ‍global markets. It⁢ also provides insights ​into the latest developments in the financial‌ world,​ which can be ​beneficial for forex traders. ​ For free, visitors to the website can view the​ latest⁤ market ​news and access the newspaper’s comprehensive archive.⁢ Subscribers, on the other hand, are ⁤given⁣ access to exclusive content, analysis, interviews, ⁣and in-depth​ regional coverage. ‌

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Financial Times

The Financial Times is ⁢one of the ​oldest and most respected ‌news sources in the⁤ world. Its all-encompassing coverage includes news on‌ the major global currencies,​ financial markets, and⁣ economies. As well ‍as offering ​real-time financial‌ news, the⁣ Financial Times‍ also provides unique perspectives and insights‍ into the geopolitical⁤ developments affecting the markets. With its up-to-the-minute coverage ⁢and reliable​ news, it is ideal for forex traders. The service‍ also offers a range of tools​ such as stock tracking, charting, and analysis.

Trading Economics

Trading Economics is ‌a comprehensive news and research service covering worldwide economic news and data.⁣ The service‍ offers reliable financial news and‌ data on ​global stock, bond, ‍commodity, and currency ⁤markets. It⁤ also‍ provides insights into macroeconomic policies and data from major global economies. The service also⁣ features an in-depth⁤ forex news page,⁤ complete with ⁤research, analysis, and ‍commentary from​ economists and experts. The service is helpful for forex traders to⁤ make the most of their investments ⁢and position themselves accordingly​ in volatile markets.


When trading currencies, forex traders‌ must stay informed and up to date with the latest news⁢ and events taking place⁣ in the financial ‌markets. Forex news websites can provide the much-needed edge in trading. The list of websites above⁣ is just ⁣a few of the many reliable and comprehensive news sources available. ​By⁣ taking the time to review and analyze these news sources, traders ‌can set themselves up for ‌success in the forex market.