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Google banned Belarusians from downloading and updating paid apps in the Play Store


Google banned Belarusians from downloading and updating paid apps in the Play Store, reports citing Android Police. Belarusian users of paid apps will now lose security updates and new features. But, unlike Russians, they can make in-app purchases and subscribe to free apps.

Recall that on March 10, Google blocked the ability to pay for subscriptions, purchase applications and digital goods within them to Android users from Russia due to sanctions. Since May 5, the company has stopped posting new paid applications created by Russian developers and updates to existing ones in the company store. Now similar measures apply to developers and users from Belarus.

Information on Belarus appeared in the English version of a notification on the Google blog, which previously concerned only Russians. How long she has been there is not clear, the newspaper writes.

Belarusians can still install and update free apps through the Play Store. Developers whose applications provide users with important services that ensure their security and access to information are encouraged to make them free or temporarily remove paid subscriptions.

Apparently, the innovation regarding Belarusians is connected with American sanctions. Although the company does not mention them directly.

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