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Grayscale Investments Bitcoin Trust Share Premium Drops From 38% To 3%

The price premium for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares during the month decreased from 38% to values ​​below 3%.

The premium shows the difference in the value of an asset on the open market and in the composition of the fund.

Dynamics of the price premium for GBTC. Data: The Block.

Such a significant decrease in the indicator may indicate the sale of shares by investors after the end of the freeze period.

GBTC assets are traded on over-the-counter markets. Accredited investors can buy these securities based on fund net worth… Shares can be sold on the secondary market only six months after the purchase, in accordance with the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to the latest data, the total value of cryptoassets managed by Grayscale Investments is $ 24.2 billion.

The lion’s share of assets falls on the bitcoin trust – $ 20.1 billion (83%). Also, an investment product based on Ethereum is popular among investors – $ 3.39 billion (14%).

The growth in the volume of assets of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust last year (thousand BTC). Data:, ForkLog analyst report for 2020.

Recall that over the past week, Grayscale Investments has increased the assets of the bitcoin trust by a record $ 1.2 billion. In just one day (January 18), the company acquired 16,244 BTC.

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