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Guggenheim CEO believes it is dangerous to buy bitcoin right now


The situation in the cryptocurrency market is now very precarious, and in the near future, Bitcoin will start losing ground again. This forecast in an interview with CNBC TV channel was expressed by the head of the board of the company Guggenheim Scott Meinerd. Today BTC is trading at around $ 35,500, but investors need to wait and see and refuse to buy cryptocurrency. Minerd believes that bitcoin can find the bottom somewhere at the level of $ 10,000. We are on the eve of another market crash. Usually the result of an aggressive sell-off is an 80% fall in the asset. There is no reason to buy bitcoin now, as the likelihood of a further fall dominates. Note that the head of the board of Guggenheim did not always adhere to the “bearish” sentiment regarding Bitcoin. For example, in December, the same businessman announced that the largest digital currency would definitely reach $ 400,000.


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