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HMA with notifications

Alan Hal’s moving average, more sensitive to current price activity than the regular MA. It reacts faster to changes in the trend, and shows the price movement more clearly. When the color of the indicator changes, it sends push notifications to the mobile phone, by email, and displays a message on the screen.

  • Period – smoothing period, recommended values from 9 to 64. The longer the period, the softer the indicator.
  • Method – smoothing method, can take values from 0 to 3.
  • Label – the text label used in the message. Set different labels for each of the indicators used in the same terminal.
  • Enable Push notifications-enable push notifications on the mobile terminal
  • Enable Alerts notifications-enable the display of messages on the screen
  • Enable Email notifications-enable sending email notifications
  • Enable notifications on current bar-enable sending notifications when the color changes on the current bar.

If you are using multiple HMA indicators at the same time, use Label to distinguish their notifications from each other. For example, “EURUSD H1”, “EURUSD H4”, “optimized”, “slow”, “GBPUSD test”, etc.

In order for push notifications to work on your mobile phone, you need to install mobile MetaTrader and specify its MQID in the terminal settings. You can read more about setting up push notifications here.

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To send notifications by email, you must allow sending email in the terminal settings. Also, in the settings, you need to specify the email username and password used. For example, if you use the GMail service, specify in the “SMTP server” field: “”, in the field “SMTP login”: your email address, “SMTP password”: your email password,” From”: your address again,” To”: address again. Click the Test button to check that the configuration is correct.

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