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HotKeys switch symbols and periods

The HotKeys indicator can switch tools and chart periods when you press the shortcut keys.

With HotKeys, you can:

  • quickly switch the financial instruments listed in the “Market Overview” in the same chart in the forward or reverse order;
  • set the keyboard shortcuts for quick access to 7 tools in the settings;
  • switch working timeframes in ascending or descending order;
  • use the number keys from 1 to 9 to quickly switch to the desired period from M1 to MN.
  • Use umber keys for switch period – If true, you can use the numeric keys from 1 to 9 to switch the chart periods from M1 to MN;
  • Previous instrument – button to switch to the previous instrument;
  • Next instrument – button to switch to the next instrument;
  • Shorter period – button to reduce the period;
  • Longer period – button to increase the period;
  • Instrument 1 – name of the first instrument;
  • Hot key 1-button for the first instrument;
  • Instrument 2 – name of the second instrument;
  • Hot key 2-button for the second instrument;
  • Instrument 3 – name of the third instrument;
  • Hot key 3-button for the third instrument;
  • Instrument 4 – name of the fourth instrument;
  • Hot key 4-button for the fourth instrument;
  • Instrument 5-name of the fifth instrument;
  • Hot key 5-button for the fifth instrument;
  • Instrument 6-name of the sixth instrument;
  • Hot key 6-button for the sixth instrument;
  • Instrument 7-name of the seventh instrument;
  • Hot key 7-button for the seventh instrument;

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