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How does MTS help business? Ecosystem of services and services for corporate clients

MTS offers corporate clients to create remote jobs, transfer IT infrastructure to the cloud, implement electronic document management, organize modern telephony in the office, set up the Internet of things and many other digital solutions for efficient business operation.

Mobile Business Rates

MTS offers corporate clients to organize communication by choosing a suitable tariff plan. Among them are the Smart Business line, Business Unlim 2.0, Corporate Super max, Ultra, etc.

If necessary, any tariff plan has the ability to connect additional options with which you can increase the speed or volume of the Internet, get extra minutes for calls within the country and abroad, as well as unlimited social networks, instant messengers and YouTube.

Organization of remote jobs

MTS provides corporate clients with services for organizing remote workplaces with Internet access via a mobile network. These can be solutions based on 3G/4G modems or high-speed Wi-Fi routers. In places with weak signal reception, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi router in conjunction with an external antenna. Depending on the local conditions, the company’s specialists will select the most optimal option and help connect any remote objects to the Internet where it is not possible to use fiber optics.

MTS also provides the possibility of remote access to the corporate network through VPN technology. It allows you to use corporate files and databases using a secure connection. The transmitted information is securely encrypted and is not available to outsiders.

Cloud solutions MTS Cloud

MTS Cloud provides the service of hosting IT infrastructure on virtual servers using the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) model, which allows companies to save on maintenance and hardware upgrades. For modern businesses, S3 Object Storage is provided, which allows you to store and manage huge amounts of information of any format and purpose – from static objects of WEB applications to backups. With backup services (BaaS) and disaster recovery (DRaaS) data, you can restore both the entire virtual machine and individual files. Clients can access data through a high-speed secure communication channel built on the basis of itVPN and belVPNgate software solutions.

MTS Cloud also integrates offices, branches and data centers of customers into a single network using SD-WAN technology, which provides high network fault tolerance and guarantees the protection of transmitted data thanks to built-in encryption. To protect IT infrastructure from complex threats, there are also cloud packages of Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform (KATA) and Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (KEDR).

To work with documents and clients

The MTS ID and MTS SmartDoc services allow you to simplify the workflow. The first is an electronic digital signature, which is placed on a SIM card and makes it possible to certify documents in any convenient place using a mobile phone. The second is an electronic document management system that allows you to exchange electronic documents through a convenient web interface and endorse them with a digital signature MTS ID or on a USB drive.

BIG DATA tariff plan allows you to analyze big data. The services of the Antifraud direction consist in verifying the authenticity of contact information and identifying fake numbers and potential fraudsters. The services of the “Scoring” direction allow assessing the likelihood of an individual having an overdue debt to a client.

By subscribing to the SMS Inform tariff plan and the MTS Communicator platform, companies can conduct personalized SMS and Viber mailings to inform about planned promotions or share important news. The service “Targeted SMS mailings” is also available, which allows sending advertising SMS messages to numbers from a target audience specially selected according to the client’s criteria from MTS subscribers.

Virtual PBX

“Virtual PBX” helps to create a modern call center with a single multi-channel number and wide functionality in the “cloud” of MTS. The service helps to receive calls to mobile, landline phones and personal computers, record conversations, upload statistics to the CRM system and control the quality of the call center. Distribution of calls between employees according to specified rules is supported. In general, the service allows you to establish effective communication with customers, while saving on equipment and technical specialists.

Internet of Things

MTS provides comprehensive solutions for the Internet of Things based on its own NB-IoT network. A number of tariffs have been developed for data exchange between devices. Among them: “Telematics” and “Internet of things”, designed for smart urban infrastructure devices, agriculture, housing and communal services, medicine and industrial devices. Already today they are actively used to monitor transport, cargo and control energy resources. To receive and transmit a signal in devices, special SIM-chips are increasingly being used, which are able to work in more extreme conditions, have compact dimensions and high energy efficiency. The devices in which they are installed can operate on one battery for up to 10 years.

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